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Professional support to grow your business, maximise profits/wealth and take advantage of available opportunities.

Advisory services on appropriate legal structure for start ups and full incorporation/registration services for new businesses.
Greenfin provides expert advice on setting up a business including the most appropriate business structure from a limited company to a UK llp. We deal with all aspects of compliance with both HMRC and Companies House including the required online filing formats.

We can incorporate your company within 24 hours, provide registered office facilities and nominee director/shareholders where required.

Greenfin also provides comprehensive company secretarial services to ensure that your business obligations to Companies House are fulfilled. We will even accept formal appointment as your company secretary.

Greenfin helps many clients in the UK and overseas set up their business operations both in the UK and offshore.

An appropriate business structure must be considered at the planning stages and Greenfin provides targeted solutions based upon individual client situations and strategies.

Advisory services on appropriate business structures and jurisdictions.

Organic growth and acquisition strategies including trading structures and market penetration advisory services.
Investment appraisal and due diligence.
Industry specific market and competitor research and analysis.

• Performance analysis, financial profiling and diagnostics
• Monitoring business performance in the current financial climate is no longer an expensive luxury but an affordable necessity for small business thanks to Greenfin benchmark solutions.
• Increase business performance and profits from existing activities
• Improve cash flow and reduce borrowing requirements
• Identify strengths for business development plans
• Develop viable business plans and key performance indicators (KPIs)
• Identify business value drivers
• Highlight areas of competitive advantage
• Target weakness areas
• Test the viability of existing plans and forecasts
• Comprehensive review of accounting and tax implications of proposed business transactions and changes in ownership.
• Profit extraction strategies for regular income and capital on exit.

Real consulting examples:
1) An agricultural client was supplying raw materials and re-purchasing finished product from farming clients. Although profitable the length of credit extended was restricting other trading activities. In addition the debtor was outside of the 90 day credit insurance period.

Greenfin developed a formal production scheme and drafted relevant contractual terms which facilitated the re-purchase of the customer’s entire production at the client’s option. Settlement would be made by contra arrangement after the client had sold on the finished product to third parties. In addition the terms of business provided that the farmer acted as bailee of the raw material with full reservation of title in favour of the client. This facilitated comprehensive loss insurance for the client.

On the back of this structure Greenfin was able to negotiate a credit line for the scheme of $2m and re-negotiated the credit insurance policy to cover the exposure.

As a consequence the client was able to release working capital and also developed new business through the promotion of the scheme to new customers.

2) A manufacturing client was performing badly in its trading activities and could not understand why the results were so weak when the perception was business was very profitable.

Greenfin conducted a detailed review of the sales mix and clearly identified both direct and indirect cost drivers. The results revealed several sales lines which required a greater variety of raw material input a well as demanding a disproportionate amount of overhead. These items were usually made to order and customer specific with little opportunity for significant repeat orders. The development costs incurred could therefore not be capitalised and were written off against each product.

A clear strategy was developed for special orders including the promotion of longer term supply contracts. In addition a cost based accounting system was implemented to facilitate pre-acceptance costing and performance analysis.

3) A family owned company operating in the retail sector was concerned with exposure to an uncertain future trading environment. The company had already built up significant profit reserves and had a valuable portfolio of property as well as numerous long term lease commitments.

The financial risk for the company was the exit provisions in the leases should it wish to close retail outlets.

Greenfin conducted a detailed review of the lease covenants and major supplier agreements and found no restrictions on re-structuring the company. A parent company structure was therefore proposed with share swaps for existing shareholders. Valuable property could be transferred to the parent taking advantage of the tax exemptions for inter group asset transfers (including SDLT exemptions). A large dividend was also paid up to clear the inter -company debt.

Ongoing, the company had the ability to pay up cash dividends and so full protection was available from the insolvency of the subsidiary company.

Finally the new structure provided the existing owners with the facility to spin off regional outlets to sell on as part of their exit strategy

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