Expert advice on fund raising projects for traditional and alternative sources, internal release of funds from restructuring, business/asset valuations and transaction support.

• Planning the transaction, financial due diligence and post completion maintenance and review.
• Business/asset acquisitions and advisory services on targeted funding proposals.
• Review of funding available including grants, private equity and loan finance from alternative sources.
• Advisory services on restructuring existing funding including working capital improvements, profit extraction, pension loan backs etc.
• Valuations for sales, purchases, changes in ownership for HMRC. Start up and distressed business values.

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  • 24Mar

    Robots rub shoulders with human buddies

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    Co-bots in demand as manufacturers grapple with rising wages and labour shortages …read more From::       

    LG Chem tips bright future for OLED lighting

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    Japanese and S Korean groups bet on organic light-emitting diode technology …read more From::       

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